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Customer Comments

“The contractor [Weil Construction] was always at the front leading their subcontractors. Any and all discrepancies were identified and immediately corrected.  Contractor wanted to provide the government with the best product possible. Attention to detail was very impressive.  The project manager was always willing to correct issues at no cost to the government. The on-site superintendent always knew what, where and when something was going on with the contract.  Comparing his efforts to other contractors at the same site was exceptional. Their efforts made the inspectors job and the contract administrators job easy.” – Charles Wilson, Sheppard Air Force Base

“Weil [Construction] is one of the best contractors I have worked with.  They are always responsive to the government’s needs and suggest solutions to solve problems rather than expect the government to come up with the solutions.  [Weil Construction] worked well around difficult customer, was proactive in scheduling repair of punchlist items, also provided quick redesign when unforeseen site conditions were encountered.  [Weil Construction] took the time to educate the government on design problems encountered to provide a product that met the requirements for maintaining proper environment for delicate equipment.  [They] worked well with the government and provided quality workmanship.”   – Richard Morris, Chief,  Flight Construction, Cannon Air Force Base

“This contractor [Weil Construction] has been a very good partner to the GSA in successfully executing a very challenging project in an aged building with tenants occupying adjacent spaces.  All inquiries to corporate office are acknowledged and responded to within hours.  In addition, the new onsite Superintendent is highly skilled, very knowledgeable and professional, and works diligently to meet Government requirements and expectations.  This contractor has demonstrated a commitment to providing a quality end product for the Government.”  --  Sylvia Garza, Contracting Officer, GSA/PBS

“Weil Construction faced a number of challenges on this project, including the delay in receiving the construction permit, harsh winter weather conditions, working safely in a public park, inadequate soil and the large amount of hidden pipe lines discovered within the over-excavation area.  You, your superintendent, and your subcontractors all performed very well in the face of these challenges, completing the building and outdoor improvements on schedule while providing a quality product.  The City appreciates all of the extra effort Weil Construction provided to make this such a successful construction project.” – Mary McDonald, Project Manager, City of Santa Fe

“Contractor (Weil) planning and execution were top notch for a very complex and challenging project.  This was evident in the Contractor’s communications with Government personnel, its own employees, and its vendors/subcontractors.  Weil and their subcontractors maintained good quality control of their resources.  Their communication, coordination of the work and their management of the schedule was outstanding.”  -- Teresa Thomas, Contracting Officer, GSA/PBS

“Despite numerous unforeseen conditions that were not in the scope of the project, Weil Construction was still able to accomplish the project on budget and on schedule.  I look forward to working with Weil Construction on future projects.  Their professionalism and knowledge of all aspects of construction were elemental in providing the District with a vital facility that will serve many future generations of students.” – Russ Keys, Construction Administrator, Greer Stafford Architects.

“Without your [Chris Weil] efforts on the job I doubt very much whether the project would have come to completion at all.  In fact, I credit your hard-work, supreme level of professional ethics and ongoing positive attitude with the overall success of this particular project.  In my 15-year career as a licensed Architect and Construction Manager I have met very few individuals who compare to your high level of skill as a Project Manager.  Your efforts insured that the project met its aggressive deadline.” – David Henry, Architect, Living Designs Group

Weil Construction was always professional in their approach while on this project, with an excellent attitude and good attention to detail.  They exhibited a great deal of project knowledge, accurate analysis of problems and workable solutions to those problems.  I would not hesitate to recommend Weil Construction for any commercial project.  They were an asset to the success of this project….” – Michael McMurphy, Construction Manager, Albuquerque Public Schools

“My experience working with Weil Construction was very positive.  Their Project Manager was very knowledgeable in the field of construction.  He was extremely helpful in resolving issues that occurred during construction and worked well with our design team.  The Superintendent on the project was very knowledgeable and ran the project with no problems.  He communicated well with subcontractors and always kept me informed on any issues that arose.  I would highly recommend Weil Construction.”  -- Ron Sandoval, Project Manager, Santa Fe County

“Professional, ahead of the curve, quick response to questions … Quality was good … had a deadline and Weil completed the work to deliver.”  -- Michael Meek, Project Manager, City of Rio Rancho