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Weil Construction takes Safety seriously.  The company’s safety program is centered on creating a culture of employee empowerment and safety awareness.  The company approaches every project with a “Zero Incident” philosophy.  The objectives of our Safety Program are:

  • The prevention of accidents;
  • The continued welfare of our employees;
  • Maintaining the earnings and happiness of our employees;
  • Preventing avoidable increased operating cost to the company;
  • Constant training.

It is Weil’s policy to perform work in the safest manner possible consistent with good construction practices. To fulfill the requirements of this policy, an organized and effective safety program is carried out at each location where work is performed.  Our Project Superintendents are responsible for seeing that the Weil Construction Safety Program is fully implemented on the job site. The Superintendent is responsible for job site safety of workers, owner personnel and the general public.

Keeping Safety as our top priority is also the responsibility of each Weil Construction Project Manager, Supervisor, Foreman, and field worker all the way up to the President of Weil Construction. A constant and continual focus on safety communicates to workers, subcontractors and owners the critcal importance of safety on each and every project.

Weil Construction Inc., its employees and subcontractors, comply with all applicable portions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as well as all Federal, State and Local ES&H requirements.